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Full name: Taixing Fu’an Chemical Co., Ltd.
Registered address: No.8, Zhonggang Road, Taixing Economic Development Zone
Legal Representative: Qin Taohan
Tax Registration Number: 321283755867649
Bank: Yanjiang Branch, Taixing Construction Bank
Account No.: 32001766340059933666
Telephone: 0523-7670303
Fax:  0523-7670303
Post code: 225404
Mail to: sales@fuanchem.com 


Manager of sales department: Qin Taohong
Telephone: 0510-85599227   Mobile phone: 013801512182
Fax: 0510-85594966
Contact person of sales department: Xia Xiaohan
Telephone: 0510-85599227    Mobile phone: 013057219703
Fax: 0510-85594966